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Friday, 1 March 2019

My positive C-section

Brodie’s birth was far from simple. In fact it ended in a pretty traumatic emergency C-section. I knew instantly in this pregnancy that I couldn’t face a natural birth. The fear and anxiety for both myself and my Husband meant we planned a calm, elective c-section. 

With my past history I was extremely pushy this time and insisted that only my consultant (who was amazing by the way) did my caesarean. He didn't argue at all so booked me in for the morning when he was in theatre, the 4th of March. 

When my waters went at 36 weeks and 6 days, earlier than planned, the panic kicked in. In my head I had prepared for a calm c-section, and not knowing what was going to happen, whether my baby was okay sent my anxiety through the roof. 

Luckily, as soon as my consultant heard my waters had gone he insisted he would do my section himself on his lunch break! I honestly couldn’t have thanked the guy enough and knowing it was going to be him that brought our baby into the world meant so much. I trusted him and knew he would safely deliver our special rainbow. 

Being classed as 'premature' there was always a higher chance baby would need to go to special care for help with his breathing. I had a steroid shot a few hours before going into theatre and the paediatricians were called to theatre to assess him as soon as he was born. 

The whole birth turned out to be more special and more positive than I could ever have imagined. Ari was born into the world as a 'million dreams’ from the Greatest Showman was playing. He screamed instantly, he didn't need any support with his breathing and we were laughing and joking about with our consultant as he was born. 

I honestly wish I could do it all over again..... something I never thought I would say!

Proudly introducing our special rainbow baby,
Ari Rupert Freddie Carrick
Born at 14:38 on the 22nd of February 2019
Weighing 7lb 20z 

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