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Monday, 14 January 2019

That Emergency C-section and I....

Here's my story. My story of love, loss and heartache. A story which I hope one day will result in a happy ever after...

In 2015 I gave birth to my first born. His birth didn't go as planned and after many failed ventouse and forceps attempts, I was rushed into theatre and had a 'fully dilated emergency c-section at 39 Weeks'.

That emergency c-section gave me the most beautiful gift on earth, a healthy baby boy. But it came with huge, huge consequences and consequences I have only recently discovered.

Brodie James Basil

In 2017 I suffered two late miscarriages at 18 weeks. After the first loss in February I was told there was only 1% chance of it happening again. I was fortunate enough to fall pregnant but that pregnancy ended, again at 18 weeks in September.

Two late losses for no apparent reason? I just couldn't take 'bad luck' as an answer.

My search for answers led me to a high risk Prem clinic in London. It was at this clinic I was fortunate enough to meet Professor Shennan and finally... after 18 months get an answer as to why I lost my girls.

The answer? Damage to my cervix after my fully dilated emergency c-section in 2015.

I had spent 18 months blaming myself, 18 months battling different consultants who just could not give me an explanation. Suddenly it all seemed to make sense. Why suddenly at 18 weeks I would have contractions, lose my waters and give birth...

Professor Shennan found that the risk of premature birth in women who had experienced a late c-section was 14% compared to 2% of those who did not have a late c-section.

In my current pregnancy, Prof advised having a cervical stitch which has helped keep my cervix closed. That stitch and regular check ups has got me past 18 weeks of pregnancy. It has got me past 24 weeks of pregnancy and now at nearly 32 weeks pregnant I can finally believe that maybe I will be able to bring this baby home.

There is other women in similar situations to me, still searching for their answers and continuing to lose babies because this kind of diagnosis hasn't been given to them yet. My local hospital told me numerous times it was nothing to do with my cervix, that having a stitch would be of no benefit to me but Professor Shennan has proved them all wrong.

I am so glad there are people like him out there in the world!

So here is my story in hope that I can spread awareness. Because back in 2015 when cuddling my newborn baby post c-section, never did I believe this journey lay ahead of me...

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