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Saturday, 3 November 2018

Pregnancy After loss Q&A....

After announcing our news I had a lot of messages asking if I have had any treatment been on medication etc etc so I decided to do a quick Q and A blog post. Lots of the questions were similar so I have combined them. I hope this helps!

How have you coped and kept positive?

To be honest Im really not sure! I think for weeks and weeks I didn't allow myself to believe I was actually pregnant. We didn't tell anyone, we didn't discuss it and we didn't book a scan or in with my midwife until I was over 11 weeks. We didn't want to allow ourselves to get carried away so decided to live life as normal as possible. I think as each week went by and I didn't experience any bleeding or complications I felt more and more positive. A lot of it has been down to my own mental state. Mentally I am in a much stronger place this time round meaning I am able to think more positively and deal with my emotions in a more sensible way.

How did you stay calm when TTC after loss?

After my first two losses I definitely wasn't calm. I stressed over it, tracked every little bit of detail and read so many books on TTC. However, this time round we both decided it would happen when it happened and that took a massive stress off. We are very fortunate to have always fallen pregnant really quickly so I guess that also helps relieve the stress.

What kind of blood work and monitoring are you doing this time?

So far all I have had done blood work wise is my Thrombosis at 12 weeks. St Mary's hospital organised it to check that my blood clotting hadn't changed since falling pregnant and mine came back as normal.

Are you doing okay?

I think so! Despite the usual anxiety that comes with pregnancy after loss I am doing well. I haven't had any complications yet so I guess thats a positive.

Any tips for TTC? 

Make sure you are taking a good Pre-natel vitamin before falling pregnant. I have always taken Pregnacare before conception tablets. I also think its really important to know and understand your own body. We all know there are only a few days each month you can actually fall pregnant and knowing when you are ovulating is really helpful. Last year I used a clear blue ovulating kit which told me when I was close to ovulating and the day of ovulation. Although this can be pricey I did fall pregnant within a month of using them. I also used the Ovia fertility app which allows you to track your periods, your signs and symptoms of ovulation and what day you ovulated on.  This then taught me a lot about my own body and I fell pregnant this time within a month, without an ovulation kit and just by knowing when I was ovulating through signs and symptoms.

You could also read up on ovulation as there are lots of tips and signs you can look out for although not everybody has any signs and some people have different length cycles which makes ovulation different.

Lastly have lots of Sex! Its not going to happen without it so you might as well enjoy it all. Ive always done the deed every day of my ovulation period and up to two days after ovulation. Its always worked well for me!

Has it taken you long to conceive this time? 

We were very fortunate to fall pregnant first time of trying this time round. I guess knowing when Im ovulating is a big help.

Was you put on any medication?

I started 400mg of Progesterone after ovulation and continued to take this during pregnancy. There are a lot of mixed views on whether progesterone actually does anything or not but so far this pregnancy has gone well so maybe it does work?!\

I also had the cervical stitch fitted at St Thomas's hospital when I was just under 12 weeks pregnant.

Did you ever feel like giving up?

No. Im not someone who gives up easily. I like to get what I want and always have done. We have never been told to stop trying so I didn't. However, I wasn't happy with my local hospital and the lack of answers and plans for the future so I took myself elsewhere and have been lucky enough to receive some amazing care from both St Marys hospital and St Thomas's. Don't get me wrong, at times I never thought we would bring a baby home but I wanted it so bad how could I possibly give up without trying absolutely everything?

What sex is the baby?

This is currently still a secret haha! Announcing who they are will suddenly make it seem SO much more real and scary and for now I just want to enjoy knowing who they are and feeling excited about it around my close family and friends. I will share the gender at 24 weeks if not before. Will just see how I feel!

Thank you for reading,

Mrs Carrick 


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