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Saturday, 17 November 2018

OH BOY....

For those who don't already know I am super excited to announce that we are expecting another little baby boy next year.

We couldn't be any happier and Brodie is so, so excited to be having a little brother. A lot of people have asked or assumed that we would be expecting to have another girl, however I cannot express how happy we are to be having a healthy baby.... boy or girl the gender really did not bother me!

We found out at 18 weeks and kept it a secret for a little while whilst we got our heads around the fact we may actually get to bring this baby home. We just wanted to soak up all the happiness and treasure it to ourselves.

For now, all we can hope is that baby boy continues growing perfectly, my body does its thing, doesn't send me into pre-term labour and we can reach viability in a few days time!

Im not planning on doing regular pregnancy updates but for now you can read about how we are doing at 23 weeks!

How many weeks?
23 weeks exactly 

Due Date?
16th March 2019

How is baby doing?
Baby is now the size of a bunch of grapes and is about to start gaining baby fat that he needs to keep warm .

Lots and lots of movements which is really lovely. Both Brodie and Daddy are able to feel them too which is amazing. Its definitely my favourite part of pregnancy and makes the anxiety worth it

Ive never really craved anything in pregnancy and Im not in this pregnancy either. Im just glad to be able to eat again and that the sickness has stopped!

How I'm feeling?
In myself I am feeling really good. Im tired most days but I think that's a mixture of pregnancy, looking after Brodie, childminding and mentally battling the emotions of pregnancy after loss. Im coping well but sometimes the anxiety is just exhausting. 

Looking forward too
Reaching viability! This seems like such a huge, huge step for us and although I hope baby doesn't plan on coming anytime soon more can be done to prevent labour and help baby once Ive reached this milestone. 

Missing anything? 
Bigging my biggest baby up for a cuddle! Im not allowed to lift anything heavy and Im struggling not being able to lift Brodie and squeeze him in my arms! Im also not allowed swimming due to the high risk of infection and swimming with Brodie has always been my favourite activity!

Favourite outfit?
Baggy Jumpers! Even though majority of people know now a days I still don't feel comfortable showing off my growing bump. Its a really strange feeling but it makes me anxious and really insecure. I just feel more comfortable hiding it and avoiding as many conversations about the bump as possible! 

Highlight for this fortnight? 
My regular appointment at the prem clinic where they checked everything was still going well and asked me to do an interview for BBC Radio 4. I spoke confidently about my baby loss journey and where it has taken us too and Im proud of myself. I hope it can give others hope. Ive put the link below incase you want to listen....    

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