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Monday, 14 May 2018

An Open letter to my Husband on our second Wedding anniversary

Two years....

Two years since I walked down the aisle to find you greeting me with tears. I couldn't wait a single minute longer to become your Wife. I would have ran down that aisle if Brodie wasn't so cute toddling his way down!

As soon as I got reunited with you at 3pm I felt a wave of calmness come across me. You have always had that affect on me. Everything in my life makes sense when Im with you and I knew from the very beginning you were the one for me.

Two married years later and I love you more than ever before. It hasn't been the easiest year but if we can survive what we have all ready I know we can survive anything.

There are so many days where I still can't believe that you are my Husband. You are the one I get to spend the rest of my life with. Every once in a while, normally when Im in some kind of mid life crisis, you do something which reminds me exactly why I married you.

Because you really are my everything. You are always there to love me even when I'm falling apart. 

There is no one else I would rather share this rollercoaster of a life with. And although the start to married life hasn't panned out the way we wanted it too, I am excited for what is yet to come. All the adventures we are yet to have as we continue to chase happiness.

Because despite it all, I love you and you love me and in this crazy world we live in that is all that matters.

Happy Anniversary Mr Carrick.... May our third year of marriage be the best yet...

All my Love
Your wife,
Mrs Carrick x

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