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Monday, 2 April 2018

Tommys Fundraising; Turning baby loss into something positive....

As you may know, we have lost 4 babies over the past year and a half. Two early miscarriages and two baby girls born too soon at 18 weeks. Tommy's is a charity which are committed to funding medical research into the causes of miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth.

Tommy's give us hope that one day in the future we will have another baby safely, here in our arms. This is why we have decided to fundraise for them. To support them in their research to save babies lives and to make pregnancy safer.  

Fundraising has been on my mind for a while now. There is no doubt about it, I couldn't start training for a marathon let alone run a marathon so I knew I needed to think a bit harder!

I am not good at many things. I am no cake maker or sportswoman, and I have no interest in jumping out an aeroplane anytime soon. One thing I am good at, is bringing people together, whether it be to celebrate as a family or doing something with friends.

There is no better feeling than organising something and having everyone come together. Apart from marrying my husband (of course) the best part of my wedding was having everyone I loved in the same place.

I have therefore decided to organise a Summer fun day, family event in support of Tommy's.

Baby loss is a group I never thought I would become apart of. Suffering recurrent miscarriage is something you hear about, not something you experience, right?

How wrong was I.

Since having to take this path I have learnt that there are so many wonderful people out there doing their part in breaking the silence and helping turn what is a huge negative into something positive.

So now its my turn.

On June the 30th 2018 I am holding my first every fundraising event and it will be a summer fun day!

I hope you will support me whilst I take on this wild adventure. More information will be coming soon so keep your eyes peeled.

For more information on Tommy's please click here, to read our story and why we have decided to fundraise for Tommy's please click here or to support us and donate to Tommy's please click here. 

With love

Mrs Carrick x


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