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Thursday, 4 January 2018

2017; the year I survived....

I did it! I survived the heartbreaking and most devastating year of my life. 2017 is done and I have made it into 2018.... what an achievement on my behalf!

I am not one to wish time away, I always want to cherish my time with Brodie, treasure every single moment with him but a huge part of me is so glad 2017 is over.

I spent the majority of last year struggling after the loss of our baby girls. After losing Baby Carrick in the beginning of the year, our new goal became all about having our rainbow baby. When we lost our precious Angel in September our goal quickly became survival...

Life suddenly felt very, very unfair and I hit an all time low, mentally and physically. It wasn't until I started medication that I really realised how low and depressed I had been but also how it was affecting my everyday life and moral.

The last few months of 2017 became all about finding our happiness again as a family and as a couple. I've found since suffering with recurrent baby loss I notice the smallest things more. I notice every laugh and giggle from Brodie's and how lucky I am to experience that but also how incredibly lucky I am to just have him here.....

Im not one for setting goals and new year resolutions but I am determined to keep chasing happiness and hope and dream that 2018 is a happy, healthy year. To help achieve this I want to discover new places, start new classes with Brodie, spend more time with my amazing friends and have more date nights with my Husband!

We are starting 2018 with a ski holiday! Something I always said I would never, ever do ! I am someone who loves the luxury hotels, sunbathing and unlimited food and drink! Therefore a ski trip is a little out my comfort zone! However, I am so, so excited for the next Carrick adventure!

I want to live life to the full, spend every minute I possibly can creating new memories, exploring new places and loving my miracle baby boy even harder. Im starting the year being hopeful that our dreams of achieving our happy ever after will one day, finally come true.

Because despite going through some really bad moments I know there are so many good ones still to come....

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