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Sunday, 10 September 2017

Dear Eastenders....

Dear Eastenders, 

I have recently watched the episode in which you have tried to portray baby loss at 18 weeks. Although I think it is so, so important to make others aware of Baby loss and how it can impact people's lives, I'm slightly concerned at how 'easy' you made it seem. 

I have lost two babies at 18 weeks. Both very traumatic but in different ways. My first baby was born at home on the bathroom floor and my second in hospital. 

For me, both times my labour started with intense contractions & my waters breaking. My baby was then delivered but just like in a normal birth my baby was born alive. Then the cord needed to be cut and the placenta needed to be delivered? Who did this? Why was she not in more pain? How was she not bleeding? 

With my second birth I lost 1.3L of blood, had retained placenta, was rushed to theatre and ended up in the High Dependency Unit critically ill. I had the lowest blood pressure my midwife has ever seen, I kept going in and out of consciousness and I needed a blood transfusion. Both this was traumatic for myself but for my husband and my mother who had to witness this.

Giving birth at 18 weeks is not easy. There are normally many complications and I don't think the way you have portrayed a miscarriage at 18 weeks is fair. 

Please seek advice from midwives, charities and people who have horrendously experienced a late miscarriage before doing what you think is right and what you think would happen. 

Because your wrong. Oh so wrong. 

Kind Regards 

Mrs Carrick.... a baby loss survivor 

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