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Monday, 25 September 2017

Angel Carrick

Its been three weeks now and I think its time you got the dedication you deserved. My sweet, beautiful baby girl. Another girl I couldn't keep. Another angel in the sky.

Everyday gets a little bit harder and I’m really struggling to come to terms with saying goodbye. Your funeral is going to be one of the hardest days of my life and I just can’t bring myself to start the planning. I wake up everyday hoping it’s just a bad dream.

If my love could have saved you, you would live forever....

Angel Carrick, Born September the 3rd 2017 at 20:26pm
Another baby too beautiful for earth.

The world may never notice 
If a snowdrop doesn't bloom,
Or even pause to wonder
If the petals fall too soon.

But every life that ever forms,
Or ever comes to be,
Touches the world in some small way 
For all eternity.

The little one we longed for
Was swiftly here and gone
But the love that was then planted
Is a light that still shines on

And though our arms are empty
Our hearts know what to do
For every beating of our hearts
Says that we love you.

Fly high with your sister baby girl. Mummy loves you.

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