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Friday, 11 August 2017

Pregnancy loss; Just a miscarriage?

Please don't call the loss of my baby a miscarriage.  It was so much more than just a miscarriage. 

My baby was born alive....

My baby has a birth certificate, a death certificate and their ashes are at home with us where they belong. 

I didn't just miscarry my baby, I went into very pre-term labour. I fought every contraction just hoping they would stop but they didn't. 

My baby was born alive, they were feisty and fought with the world for a few minutes before leaving to join the angels. 

My baby's death medically is known as a 'neonatal death' not a miscarriage. 

I had to endure the agony wait of a coroner to decide whether the death of my baby was 'natural' or 'un natural' whether it was suspicious and whether I.... the mother to my baby did something to cause my baby to die. 

I had to plan my babies funeral, I had to make decisions no mother should ever, ever have to make. 

I didn't just miscarry my baby, they were just too small to survive. 

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