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Saturday, 13 May 2017

Our first Wedding Anniversary;

May brings back so many memories for me as its the Month we met and fell in love, the month we got engaged and the month we tied the knot. So many dates and anniversaries to remember and cherish.

This weekend we are having a night away just the two of us. It will be the first time since our wedding so I am looking forward to some much needed time together.

I have written a letter to my Husband for our first wedding anniversary. Its hasn't been the easiest year but it has been a year full of love and laughter. We have so many happy memories to look back on, especially with our little one Brodie. I am looking forward to looking back through all our wedding pictures, watching back our video and reminiscing on such a perfect day.

Dear Mr Carrick,

Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary! I cannot believe we have been Mr & Mrs Carrick for a whole year. We did it! We have survived the first year of marriage! Whilst memories of our day may fade we are left with such a perfect partnership and I love nothing more than being your Wife... the other half of you.

Before getting married I kept hearing the same old bits of advice. One was that the first year of marriage is the hardest and the second is that you will continue to fall more in love as the years go by.

During this last year I have learnt they are both true.

Marriage is hard. I had so many big expectations for the perfect happy ever after. However, this past year has been far from plain sailing for us. Losing our honeymoon baby and then losing Baby Carrick at 18 weeks has been heartbreaking for the both of us. We have experienced things that no couple should ever have to experience.

But, I have discovered the second statement is equally as true. We have survived and we are so, so strong together. Nothing can come between us now. Not ever. I never believed it would be possible to love you more now than I did back then. But as each year goes by, there is always a new reason to love you. Along as I have you by my side I can achieve anything I want to.

I love being your wife. I love being married to you, my biggest supporter and my best friend. There is no body else I would rather share the good and the bad times with.

Seven years ago, I would never believe as two Sixteen year olds who met on their way home from school we would be here and still so in love.

We may not have it all together but together we have it all. 

I am looking forward to seeing what our second year of marriage will bring us but whatever is thrown our way, I know we will always be okay.

I guess after all this waffle, what I'm really trying to say is, I love you, to have and to hold forever and always.

Love your Wife
Mrs Carrick xo

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