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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Cyrpus....The Holiday we all needed

After losing Baby Carrick, we decided that to escape the heartache and stress of real life we deserved a luxury holiday, some time away in the sun and some time together as a family. I can not begin to explain how relaxed and chilled out I felt. It was so good to just be treated as normal people rather than the couple that has just lost their baby. We met some lovely people and had the most normal conversations, something we haven't had in a long time. I actually cried on the plane home because I just couldn't face stepping off the plane and going home.

When holiday hunting we spent ages looking at holidays to the Caribbean. Spoke to nearly every travel company you can think off, but discovered that the Zika virus is still a big risk to the Caribbean countries and its a risk we could not take. Your fine to travel if you are not pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant within 6 months of visiting an effected country but as we can't decide what our plans regarding Baby number three are, we decided to play extra safe.

After browsing the internet for hours, I discovered an amazing price on a 5* family life hotel in Cyprus.  Im not going to lie....the main attraction and reason behind booking this holiday was purely because of the water slides and children's pool. How holidays have changed but I knew Brodie would absolutely love it! His happiness is my happiness!

The holiday turned out to be the best family holiday yet. Why pay 4K to go to Mauritius when you can go here?! The hotel was newly refurbished in September 2016 so was brand spanking new. It was clean, fresh, modern and in a brilliant location. Just a stone throw away from this beach......(we didn't need to go to the Carribbean after all)

We had an all inclusive package which makes life with a toddler SO easy. Unlimited food and drinks all day long. Brodie absolutely loved it and has learnt the word 'bar' and would not stop asking for more 'juuuiceeeee' (I think it was the novelty of the straw more than anything)

The hotel had a variety of restaurant, bars and snack bars and was probably the best food we have ever had in an all inclusive hotel and we have stayed in a few! There was so much choice but most importantly there was a huge section just for children with child proof plates and cutlery.  We would sit down for three proper meals a day and make use of the tea and cake late morning and the snack bar in the afternoon!

The hotel is huge and made up of six outdoor pools and one indoor pool. Although it is a big resort it never felt busy and there are plenty of sunbeds and space around the pools. The hotel also had a small Gym and squash court which you could use at your own convenience and throughout the day various fitness activities were run by the entertainment team.

All the staff were extremely friendly especially the Thomson family life team who you would see around the hotel during the day as well as in the evenings. Brodie loved the evening disco with the big bear 'Bamse'. It was so cute watching him dance with the other children whilst we sat and chilled out with a glass of wine chatting to the other parents.

Because the beach was stunning we would split our day in to two and always spent some time at the beach and some time in the hotel by the pools. In the afternoon Brodie would sleep for two hours which meant we had two hours to sunbathe (AMAZING). We couldn't have been any luckier with the weather it probably reached 25 degrees or more everyday...considering it was March/April I was not complaining!

The flight time is approximately 4 and a half hours and Brodie had a little sleep both ways which made life a little easier. He was brilliant all holiday, absolutely loved being away, excited by everything and just genuinely the happiest little soul. Don't get me wrong, he was full on. Mr C joked he was going home for a rest but Brodie did demand his attention all day everyday. As it was such a novelty to have so much time with his Dada he just wanted his dad, (accept when it was 2am in the morning). It broke my heart a little bit but its so rare for them to spend all day everyday together so I let them have their moments. It really was rather special to see.

Overall we had the most fantastic stay at the Aeneas Resort and I will definitely be returning in the future. It can be a little daunting booking a holiday last minute and I assumed it could be disastrous as I barely spent anytime researching. However that couldn't be any further from the truth.

In fact Im really struggling to find something negative to say. I think my only complaint would be the outdoor pool temperature. It was a little chilly especially for young toddlers/babies but thats just me being really picky now! Everything else was perfect especially the beach for those who our beach lovers like me.

From the moment we stepped off the plane I knew we would be looked after from the family life team and about to enjoy a week of family fun and adventure. We really did enjoy every single moment of our time here.  Thank you Cyrpus for helping my little family smile again.

Mrs Carrick x

*Disclaimer....This is not a sponsored post but purely my own thoughts and opinions. I have had SO many messages from people asking where we stayed I thought I might as well write a photo heavy blog post.

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