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Friday, 10 February 2017

Pregnancy Number two - 16 week pregnancy update

I can't believe we are over 16 weeks pregnant now. These weeks seem to be going so fast but so slow at the same time. Im trying to enjoy being pregnant as much as I can with all the worries we have had but I am so desperate to have our little baby here in our arms.

I have been trying to soak up the moments and memories with my little family before our three becomes a four! I am so excited for our family to grow and it is everything we have ever wanted but I have LOVED the little unit and bond we have built as a family of three. We have shared some of the most amazing memories, holidays and adventures but know the best is yet to come!

This week we heard babies heartbeat again at my midwife appointment and we had our 16 week scan to check on the bleed. Although the bleed isn't disappearing or showing any real signs of getting better and buggering off... our baby is happy, healthy and growing perfectly. Its so reassuring to have regular scans and too see them wiggle away!

How Many Weeks

16 weeks + 2 Days

Due Date?

26th July 2017

How is Baby doing?

Baby is now the size of an avocado and is measuring 11.6 cm in length and 100 grams in weight. They are still so tiny but they are growing super fast! Their little heart is busy pumping the blood around and their homes are hardening and their arms and legs are now completely formed. 


Over the last week I have definitely been feeling babies first flutter and movements. It is just as magical as it was with Brodie and really reassuring that baby is growing! I can't wait till they are strong enough for Mr C to be able to feel them too. 


I am definitely more of a hormonal, emotional mess over the last few weeks. I find myself getting really upset and annoyed at the smallest of things. These hormones do crazy things to our heads!  I have also been experiencing the worst stretching pains in my c-section scar. According to my midwife this is unfortunately normal and no cause for concern unless I am in my third trimester. It has reminded me why I do not really want a C-section again! 


To be honest I haven't really experienced any cravings at all and didn't really with Brodie either. Theres a lot of things I am completely off, for example meat. But I am not craving anything in particular!

How I'm feeling

I have definitely been feeling more 'normal' the last few weeks and even worried myself by thinking I just don't feel pregnant anymore! In the beginning I felt so awful and had so many signs and symptoms but they obviously disappear as the pregnancy develops. I still have days where I feel really sick and can't really eat unless I take my anti-sickness tablets but I'm hoping the nearer we get to 20 weeks the sooner it will disappear like it did with B. 

My bump has suddenly appeared from nowhere, its true what they say you definitely pop out quicker second time round and I am loving showing it off as much as I can before I become too big and uncomfortable! 

15 Weeks

Looking forward too

I am looking forward to making a start on the babies nursery. We have had new cream carpet laid and built the new cot but we still have lots of decorating to do and bits to buy! It really is exciting though and although we have had one child all ready, our list of bits we need to buy seems to be huge again! 

Missing anything?

A good nights sleep? Its typical...the moment I fall pregnant is the moment Brodie decides he wants to go back to sleeping through the night again. Its great but I have nights where I just can't get to sleep or I'm awake uncomfortable and worrying about something! 

Favourite outfit?

I really need to start investing in some bigger floaty tops or maternity tops as I'm finding any tops that are usually quite tight even before pregnancy are even tighter and now uncomfortable. My trouble with maternity clothes is they are always huge and I never really have that big a bump. So I think I just need to invest in some bigger sized clothing! However, at the moment I am finding I am most comfortable in my leggings! 

Highlight this fortnight?

Seeing our little babe at the scan today....they just looked super cute and such a wiggler just like their big brother! The lady who scanned us used to be a midwife and then retrained so she spent a lot of time going through each thing and showing us how the baby was growing. It was so lovely for someone to spend so much time with us. 

I love hearing about your pregnancy journeys too...did you experience any bleeding but still have a happy baby?

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