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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Pregnancy Number two - The scary first 12 weeks

The first 12 weeks of any pregnancy is hard. It's exhausting, your body is going through so many changes and if your unlucky like myself, you barely make it out of bed and your head out the toilet due to sickness and all day nausea. 

However, for someone who has experienced a miscarriage before. The first 12 weeks are a very scary time. This pregnancy so far has not been easy.  

16th November 2016

I have never been to the hospital as much as I have in these short few weeks . At 5 weeks pregnant we had our first scan due to a small amount of bleeding. It was a scary and stressful time but baby turned out to be growing as it should. We then had another scan at 7 weeks to check for a heartbeat. As there was no heartbeat with our last pregnancy, to be told that our baby had a heartbeat was the best feeling in the world. 

7 Weeks + 4 days

However, 10 days later things got bad. I experienced a big, big bleed. I was 8 weeks pregnant and heartbroken, convinced our pregnancy was over and that we had lost the baby we so desperately wanted. We rang the hospital and my husband explained the situation and we were told to come in to see a doctor. Two and a half hours we were sat in the waiting room of the Early Pregnancy Unit,  just waiting to see a doctor. Not knowing what was going on and whether we still had a baby or not. It was a horrible, horrible experience only to get worse. We saw the doctor who did an internal examination (not nice at all) and said my cervix was still closed and she couldn't tell us whether we had lost our baby or not. The only way we would know for sure was to have a scan. As I had all ready been scanned with this pregnancy and they knew it wasn't an ectopic pregnancy I wasn't considered an 'Emergency' and therefore couldn't have a scan until Christmas Eve. They wanted us to wait a painful four days before telling us what was going on. 

I was so angry. How could they leave us not knowing for four days! The next morning I rang up our local private clinic and explained our situation. Within half an hour they called back and we had an appointment for that morning! We went along expecting the worse but to our amazement saw a happy healthy baby wiggling away on the screen. 

8 Weeks + 6 days

The private clinics are amazing. The sonographer was so understanding, explained that she could see the bleed and I needed to rest. No standing for long periods, no walking and no lifting Brodie. If I continued to do too much there was a chance I could have another big bleed which could bring the baby with it. 

On Christmas Eve we went along to our scan at the hospital, waited nearly an hour as they were running late... again! But we saw our wiggly baby, our Christmas miracle!

9 Weeks + 2 days

We then went back to the Early Pregnancy Unit on the 2nd of January and saw our wiggly little baby again. Before each scan I get so nervous and my anxiety plays up so much because the fear of not knowing if our baby will have a heartbeat kicks in. Fortunately this time, our baby was healthy and growing as it should. It amazes me how much they develop in such a short space of time!

10 Weeks + 4 Days

Not only have I been juggling the fear of wondering if we would ever reach 12 weeks I have had the most extreme fatigue and all day nausea. My sickness with Brodie was consistent, every morning and every night. This time, the nausea is constant making eating really hard but the sickness will suddenly hit me and out of no where I will be sick. 

Above all else, no matter how hard and worrying these last few weeks have been, I'm trying to embrace it all as I feel so very blessed to be pregnant again. It all feels like some kind of dream at the moment and I'm waiting for reality to hit! We are both so happy to be given the opportunity to be parents again but will be pleased when the baby is here in our arms. 

Have you ever experienced any bleeding in pregnancy? 

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Our Rainbow baby due 26th July 2017 

12 Weeks  + 1 Day


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