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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Finding out about Baby Number two

For those who do not know we had our first miscarriage in August last year. It was a really sad and traumatic experience that I would not wish for anyone to experience. Sadly miscarriage is really common, more common than I ever believed.

However, it feels like we have been waiting for Baby number two for months now. After our miscarriage I was really worried it would take months for us to fall pregnant again.

Just when I was giving up all hope, at a real low because I was surrounded by so many new babies, pregnancy announcements and other pregnant mothers, I saw the two blue lines that we were so desperate to see.

It was the 16th November 2016 when I first took the test. I had been feeling a few symptoms but really did not want to get my hopes up. Mr C left for work and I just couldn't take the anxiety of am I? aren't I? anymore.

In the past, whenever I have felt I may be pregnant Mr C was always there when I took the test. This time he wasn't. I decided it wasn't worth the both of us being upset if it was negative. I also did not want to get his hopes up and then let him down.

As soon as he left I went upstairs and peed on the stick. (As we were trying for a baby we had numerous tests waiting in the bathroom cabinet.) I sat on the floor desperately waiting for two blue lines to appear. I begun thinking how much our lives would change, how happy we would be again if we got a positive test...

To my shock, and I mean my absolute shock, two blue lines appeared. I picked it up and stared. I gasped, I shook and I cried. I could not believe it! Two blue lines....our very own rainbow baby. I had to tell Mr C!

I rang him and said he needed to come home right now and it was an emergency. As you can imagine he really wasn't very happy. He had just left for work and was now going to be late. He came in and looked for me.

I hid in Brodie's room holding the pregnancy test in the air. He walked in and I shouted surprise. He was in complete shock just as I was. He put his hands to his head and came running in to give me the biggest cuddle. We cried together, we kissed and it was one of the best moments of 2016.

I wish I had videoed his reaction as it was just priceless but I was in too much of a tizz and I couldn't even hold the camera still to take a decent picture.

(Please excuse what we are wearing. Mr C was just off to a building job so in old clothes and I was clearly not expecting any photos to be taken that morning.)

Moments later I messaged my best friend a picture of the pregnancy test and she could not believe it. She could not work out if I was playing tricks or if it was for real. She was over the moon for us and I could not imagine not sharing that moment with her almost immediately.

We both rang our parents who were of course over the moon for us. My Mum was in just as much shock as we were and kept questioning if I was being serious.

Even now it feels like we are in a complete day dream. Despite the fact we have had several scans all ready, seen our wiggly little baby growing, I can't get my head around the fact our dreams have finally come true and our rainbow baby will be making their appearance this year.

I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has been there for us during our journey and we cannot wait to continue sharing our pregnancy updates.

All my love

Mrs Carrick xo

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  1. I'm honestly so happy for you and I was smiling so much as I was reading this! Congratulations and good luck! X

    - Chloe