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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Pregnancy Number two - 14 Weeks pregnant....A&E trips, Anti Sickness Tablets, a heartbeat & more scans

Since announcing our news at 12 weeks and my first pregnancy update I feel so much has happened. I had another bleed a few days after our 12 week scan. It was a scary time and I ended up in A&E as the pain was so severe and I had the weirdest lump, almost the size of a golf ball along my C-section scar. Being a Sunday I had no-one to advise me at the hospital so ended up calling 111. The lady was lovely but extremely concerned and wanted to call me an Ambulance. I told her I was dramatic but not that dramatic and I would get my Husband to take me instead. After an hours wait we were seen by the doctor and although she couldn't confirm the baby was okay or what was happening with the bleed she was able to give advice about my odd shape lump.

Fortunately in the morning my bleeding had settled, the lump had disappeared and a phone call to my midwife resulted in an emergency appointment and being able to listen to Bubba's heartbeat on the Doppler for the first time! There has to be some perks to these scares...

I also hit a real low with the pregnancy sickness and got prescribed some anti-sickness tablets. (yay for understanding doctors). The all day nausea hit a whole new level and I couldn't physcically stomach or eat anything. I was becoming so dizzy, light headed and unwell because of it and was really worried I would be admitted into Hospital like I was with Brodie.

However, the tablets are really helping and although they make me feel super drowsy, I am able to eat better and build my strength up for this growing baby!

So overall it has been a pretty eventful since I last wrote my update but this baby has kept us on our toes the whole time so far....what did I really expect?

How Many Weeks

14 weeks + 1 Day.... Officially in the second trimester!

Due Date?

26th July 2017

How is Baby doing?

Baby is now the size of a peach weighing 43 grams and measuring 8.7cm in length! They are constantly moving around inside my uterus and their lungs are developing enabling them to practise breathing with the amniotic fluid. The babies reflexes are becoming stronger and it wont be long until baby movements are felt. 


Its still too early to know but Im sensing a Boy and Mr C is sensing a girl. As it stands at the moment we are going to keep this baby a SURPRISE! Myself and Mr C have spoken about it so many times and have decided that as we are struggling to be excited due to everything that has happened so far, not knowing will keep that excitement going! I don't know how Im going to survive another 26 weeks! ahhh! 

Looking forward too

Baby bump growing and feeling the first movements. Im at that awkward stage where Its not obvious Im pregnant and in some tight clothing I just look mega podgy. Im really looking forward to bump growing and being able to feel those special kicks! 


The sickness is finally easing now I am taking the anti-sickness tablets as is the tiredness. Im finally beginning to feel like I have more energy which makes looking after Brodie so much easier.  I am beginning to get aches both in my back and front but I put it down to a busy day as they only really occur in the evening! 


Now Im beginning to eat more I'm feeling the love for fruit! Before, the smell would send me straight to the I can't seem to get enough! 

How I'm feeling

Now I have the anti-sickness meds and we had a scan last Friday to confirm baby is okay I am feeling a little less sick and a little less worried. I am doing my best to try and remain positive and enjoy this pregnancy! 

13 weeks + 2 days 

Missing anything?

I hate not being able to lift Brodie and do a huge amount with him because of my bleed. It really breaks my heart that I can't carry him around but he's learnt to crawl on my lap when he wants a cuddle. The mum guilt I have been feeling is horrendous but I'm trying to be positive and think that it cannot last forever!

Favourite outfit?

I got some new long sleeve shirts to wear with my leggings when I fancy a more comfy day! They look great un buttoned with a scarf and the perfect length! 

Highlight this fortnight?

Hearing babies heartbeat on the doppler for the first time. It was such a reassurance and I was in so much shock I couldn't help but cry!

Here are this weeks bump photos. I didn't really get a bump with Brodie till well over 20 weeks but I'm itching for this bump to grow all ready!

Thank you for reading
Mrs Carrick xo

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