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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Pregnancy Number two - 12 weeks pregnant.....we made it!

I cant believe we actually made it to 12 weeks. After a really rocky and scary first few weeks I never believed we would get to our 12 week scan. To say I was emotional afterwards would be an understatement. It really was the most amazing feeling. 

Here is how I have been feeling, the lows and the highs to the first few weeks. I plan to do these updates fortnightly so look out for my next update at 14 weeks!

How Many weeks? 
12 weeks + 3 days
Due Date?
26th July 2017

How is baby doing?
Baby is now roughly 5.4cm long, weighing around 14grams and the size of a plum. Although no movements can be felt yet, the baby is able to bend, stretch and kick. 

At our scan the baby was happy, healthy and wiggling away. The bleed that I had at 8 weeks could still be seen but looked like it was settling so hopefully won't be anything to worry about. 

Its too soon to know at this stage but I have a sneaky feeling its another little boy!

Looking forward to?
Feeling the baby kicks. It will be really reassuring and its such an incredible feeling 

I have been feeling really, really sick since I first discovered I was pregnant. Although, I am not sick consistently the sickness will randomly hit me and I will be sick at the most random time and the most random places. (John Lewis, Bluewater being one of them). I have also really been off food especially meat, so struggling to eat anything other than toast and cereal!

I have also been really super tired.  I remember feeling like this with Brodie. Pregnancy tiredness is just a tiredness like no other. 

I have also had really sore boobs which is beginning to drive me insane.  

I don't really have any particular cravings but I enjoying Salt & Vinegar Chipsticks a little too much right now!

Its too soon to feel movements although Im sure it wont be long!

How I'm feeling
I am feeling really relieved that we made it to 12 weeks and the baby is healthy! I have been struggling really bad with anxiety but that seems to have settled now. The sickness is slowly getting better although I'm still unable to eat a proper meal! 

Missing anything?
Not in particular. Of course over Christmas and New Year I did miss being able to have a glass of Prosecco and join in with the celebrations but I wasn't overly fussed!

Favourite outfit?
I needed a new pair of jeans and had some top shop vouchers given to me for Christmas so I brought myself my first ever pair of Maternity Jeans and oh my, they so comfy! I never owned a pair with Brodie as my jeans fitted right up to 28 odd weeks,. However this time for comfort Im going to be rocking the maternity jeans!

Highlights this fortnight?
Announcing our pregnancy news. A moment I had waited so long for and it felt so good to finally do so! The response and messages of love we have received has been over whelming. We really are incredibly lucky. 

I have a non existent bump although I'm sure it won't be long. So instead of a bump photo you have me pulling a silly face waving my pregnancy milestone card!

Thank you so much for reading
Mrs Carrick xo

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