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Monday, 5 December 2016

Brodies New room

Last month we decided to move Brodie from the nursery into the spare bedroom. We decided that having a spare bedroom was just unnecessary and It would be so much better for Brodie if he had more space to play and store his ever growing collection of toys! He's really enjoying trains and the Brio train track at the moment so giving him space to have a track out permanently has been amazing!  He takes everyone upstairs demanding they play trains with him! Its so cute!

I did not want too much colour in Brodie's room. I wanted it to be a peaceful area, especially when its somewhere he needs to sleep. Bright colours are for the playroom only in this house! We re-carpeted the room with cream carpet...not sure if I will live to regret this but it looks SO good so Im happy!

I scrolled through SOOOO many websites searching for the perfect wallpaper but couldn't resist this grey and white star theme from Great little trading company. I only wanted one wall papered because lets face it, a whole room covered in stars would be way over the top!

The most important thing was making sure Brodie has a cosy area to read his books. He loves books and his collection is forever growing so we needed a good storage option. The display shelves from Ikea are perfect! They hold so many books and are ridiculously cheap! Complete with cosy cushions and a rug he is over the moon with his little corner and loves to lie down and look at his books!

For toy storage we brought a large storage unit and grey boxes from Ikea which everyone with children seems to own! They are just the easiest storage for toys and hold so many! We finished the room with grey and white star curtains from Next. They kept selling out and I had to wait ages before I finally got my hands on a pair.

I also added some new prints to his room which I absolutely adore! I brought these form an Instagram shop called Homecosyhome prints...I can definitely recommend, the prints are gorgeous and I really struggled to choose just three. My favourite one is 'little boys should never be sent to bed they always wake up a day older'

We were going to buy a toddler bed but have decided to wait until he is completely settled into his new room. A new room and a new bed may be too much for one time but I think he is more than ready for a toddler bed. He hates his cot and always has done!

Overall I am so pleased with how gorgeous his room looks. It makes me sad that the nursery now stands empty but his new room is so much more practical!

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