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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Brodie's 18 month update

Last week Brodie turns 18 months old. I have been a mother for a whole year and a half and often wonder where the heck time has gone. Brodie is 100% out of the baby stage now and we are in full blown toddler. I miss the newborn cuddles but life with a toddler is so much fun. He is always off at full speed and never stops. From the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes to sleep. Getting him to sit through a five minute TV programme is never easy! Not that its a bad thing!

Brodie is an extremely active boy and has always been a confident walker and climber. The other day I walked into his room to find him sitting on the window sill. Our windows are really high and he somehow used the radiator to climb up! He is really big for his age, currently on the 99th percentile for weight and height. He's beginning to wear aged 2-3 year clothing, mainly in jumpers and 18-24 in trousers as although he's tall, he's really skinny! He's got size six 6 feet and they seem to be forever growing.

His development has come on leaps in the last few weeks. He understands so much more, can follow simple instructions and is surprising me with new words everyday. He can confidently name his important family members, (although he still calls me Sarah the majority of the time) and is able to ask for what he wants which makes life a little bit easier. He's pretty good at saying 'Please' and 'Ta' and his new favourite is to purposely do something and shout 'Oh dear!'.

He loves cars, trucks and trains and spends most of the time charging up and down our hall ways with his trucks. He demands that everyone chases him and joins in and he loves to take guests upstairs to his new bedroom to play with his trains. A simple walk can end up taking hours as he likes to stop and shout 'Car' and then wave 'Bub bye' at every one that drives past and stops to point whenever he can hear an aeroplane!

Brodie is such a social little boy. It is one of his special little traits. I guess we are lucky that he is surrounded by so many children daily as it is honestly amazing to see. He is so advanced because of it, especially with the eating/drinking using the correct cutlery and a cup, and holding a pen to do colouring. He has always had really good fine motor skills which is something he certainly doesn't get from me! He is getting better at sharing his toys although we still have moments where he will lash out if someone has a certain toy he wants. However, I understand that it must be hard having to share his house, his toys and his mummy with so many other children so I think he does pretty well!

When he's taken to other social situations with other children he is not at all fazed and always really keen to join in and make friends. I was thinking about starting him in Nursery next September. However I have changed my mind after seeing how advanced socially he is. He can stay at home with Mumma for a little longer!

He is really into his books and dancing at the moment. He does the cutest little dance moves to the Thomas theme tune and gets so excited. He loves to sing row row and walks around singing without even realising he's doing it!  He is always happiest when outside and I do my best to make sure he has at leat one walk outside a day! He is such an outdoors little person and I can't wait till he is old enough to start at the local forest school. He will be in his complete element!

He loves animals and is lucky to be brought up with a dog, rabbits and guinea pigs. He has the best relationship with our dog Chalky and he adores him. He walks around shouting Chalky if he can't find him and has a habit of sneaking dog treats out the cupboard and feeding him. After our trip to the New Forest in September he adores Horses and gets so excited overtime we see one.

One big development is in his swimming! He has always loved swimming from the moment I first took him at 12 weeks. However, I never expected a year later he would be as advanced as he is now. He spends more time out of my arms than in my arms and is becoming SO confident at swimming alone. He can swim to the side of the pool climb out and jump back in all independently. He can also swim under water, grab a hoop and then swim up to a pole, climb the pole and put the hoop over the top...independently! Honestly he amazes me at every single lesson. His swimming teacher cannot believe how able he is for being the youngest in the class by a good few months!

Above all else he is the most affectionate loving little boy I have ever met and I've met a few! He adores his family, and loves to be cuddled and to give cuddles in return. He still loves to fall asleep on my chest whilst I stroke his cheek and the first thing he does in the morning is give us all a kiss. My favourite is when you say 'love you' and he blows you a kiss. He has got pretty cheeky though! He will go to give you a kiss and then blow a raspberry in your face. It has me in hysterics overtime he does it. He still loves to Co-sleep as much as we do and I love nothing more than my sleeping baby lying on my chest.

Overall he is the happiest little boy on earth. Always smiling, always laughing and always up to no good. I hate to say it but *touch wood* we rarely have any issues with tantrums or tears. He can be extremely stubborn and SO strong willed but is also a pretty laid back little boy but that doesn't mean it won't all change. I feel extremely lucky to be at home everyday to watch him grow up into the sweet little boy he is! Our days together are the best and although tiring, I wouldn't change it for the world. He really is my best friend!

Thank you for the best 18 months of my life B! Continue being happy and healthy and may all your dreams come true. Mummy and Daddy love you more than anything in the world. Always....

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