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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Choose your own Christmas Tree

This year we have started so many different family traditions, one for each season! We went on the most beautiful Bluebell walk in Spring, ran through Lavender fields in the summer, picked our pumpkins this autumn so it seemed only right we found a new christmas tradition.

Choosing your own Christmas tree seemed like the perfect one! We never normally have a real tree but since having Brodie christmas has become SO much more exciting, it only seemed right!

Adam stumbled across Wilderness Wood and without much persuasion we set off to find the perfect Christmas tree!

Wilderness Wood is run purely on tips donated by their visitors. It is a family run woodland which is great for children and families. You can enjoy woodland trails and play in the adventure playground whilst eating and drinking locally sourced, organic food and drink.

During the year they grow Christmas trees and open up in November for families to go and choose their very own tree. On arrival you pay a £10 deposit and get given a name tag to put on your tree. You are then free to roam the field and choose the tree you like best!

I thought picking a pumpkin was hard but it was no where near as hard as choosing the perfect height and shaped Christmas Tree. The Husband and I spent ages trying to decide which one wasn't too bushy, or which one wasn't too skinny! Brodie found the whole thing hilarious and kept running off playing peek a boo.

Once you've chosen your tree you put your name tag on and the majority of people also take Christmas decorations and place a few on the tree just to make it easier to identify which tree is yours when you go back! We put a few baubles on and hoping they will still be there when we get back!

You then go back in December and physically cut your tree down all by your self! How cool is that! Its going to be so special going to pick our tree up! I am so excited for Christmas this year, Brodie is going to have so much more understanding although Im not sure he's going to enjoy his visit to Father Christmas as much as he did last year! Fingers crossed!

Christmas 2015 
I plan on making Christmas this year so special and filled with so many happy memories. Its been a tricky few months so focusing on making the last few weeks of the year special for Brodie's sake more thant anyone else's is really important to me. I fully intend on spoiling him rotten because with out him I dont know where I would be!

For more infömation on Wilderness Wood Visit their webiste here 

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