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Monday, 17 October 2016

Pick your own Pumpkins at Beluncle Farm, Hoo

At the weekend, like many other people I follow on Instagram we decided to go Pumpkin picking! It is such an Autumnal thing to do and would love to make it a tradition and continue to do, until our children can no longer face leaving the house with their parents.

The fields were filled with bright orange pumpkins. Some huge and some small. It was really something amazing to see! Brodie absolutely loved it. From start to finish he was non stop with excitement. He soon understood what he needed to do and was so intrigued by the wheelbarrow. He point blanked refused to sit in it though, he would much rather help Daddy push it.

We managed to find Brodie a mini pumpkin which he was able to hold. He loved carrying it around (or using it as football). We started filling our wheelbarrow with different sized pumpkins, its actually really tricky when you have so many to choose from. So many different sizes, shapes and colours. We did have to retain ourselves a little bit and not get too carried away.

However, to my surprise the pumpkins weren't at all that expensive. Entry to the farm is free and you only pay for what you buy. We decided to buy one fairly large pumpkin, one small pumpkin as Brodie loved it and one white pumpkin. We now have a cute little display going on in our kitchen.

Although pumpkin picking seems to be a new trend I think its such a great idea. You look around you and you see so many families, outside, exploring the countryside. Something I don't think you see enough of.

What I love most about having a child is the way it encourages you to get out the house and make the most of every weekend. There is something to love about every new season and the older Brodie gets, the more exciting each season becomes.

Although the car park looked really busy upon arrival, the field space you have to pick your pumpkins from is so big it does not feel busy. There is also food and drinks available from a burger van which served hot dogs, chips etc and there are also toilets.

We are also off to our local farm with our close friend in the half term as they are running PYO Pumpkin for the first time this year. I think its really important to support local farmers, so be prepared for more Pumpkin spam in the near future!

I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful time of year too! 
Mrs Carrick x

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