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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Our weekend 08/10/16

After a stressful week and it feeling like it was just one thing after the other we decided to escape from the world this weekend. We looked at booking a hotel but decided to save the pennies and hopefully squeeze in another visit to Center Parcs before this year is over!

We have had such a lovely weekend. The majority of it has been spent outside enjoying the autumn air! We took so many lovely photos so be prepared for photo spam!

On Saturday we met up with my parents for a pub lunch before heading out for a long afternoon stroll. We stopped at a pub called The fox near Croydon and then walked till our feet could no longer walk in a place called Happy Valley. The sights over the valleys are just beautiful. You can see the Shard and other London buildings. Unfortunately the weather wasn't great. It was a mixture of sunshine, cloud and rain. However we weren't going to let the weather spoil our fun.

Bodie absolutely loved spending time with his Grandma and Gramps. Running down hills and kicking the autumn leaves. He gets so excited every time he puts his new red wellie boots on as he just knows he's off to explore and have new adventures.

Whilst on our walk we came across some old hay bales. We had to climb them for a cheeky family photo. It was a lot harder than it looked as the bales kept rolling. However we managed it and I love the pictures! If only it was sunny!

In the evening we went out to our local pub to enjoy some drinks with our best friends. Theres something about the pub at this time of year. I love the summer evenings in the pub garden but also love the cosy, log fire, dark evenings inside the pub. Were so lucky to live so close to our friends. A night together is never dull! However this Mumma had one too many glasses of wine, apple crumble cocktails (the best drink I've ever had) and shots!

On Sunday we woke up to beautiful sunshine and decided to head off to our favourite place and enjoy a walk together. I love escaping from the world with my two boys, enjoying some much needed time together. I feel so lucky to be married to my best friend. Just being together makes everything better instantly!

Brodie was so excited to see all the cows shouting Moo and running through the corn fields! His giggles just melt my heart!

He managed to walk for about 45 minutes but then became tired so we put him in the carrier where he fell to sleep. Our carrier is one of the best things we've brought. It enables you to explore places you wouldn't be able too with a pram! He is getting really heavy though and after an hour Adam was beginning to struggle!

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