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Monday, 4 July 2016

Our Weekend 2/7/16

With Adam working really long hours, five days a week and then often having to spend some time working the weekends, we had a very rare three day weekend together. No work, no work phone calls, no work emails just the three of us and oh my was it good fun!

The weather on Saturday turned out to be a little disappointing. We woke up to clear blue skies and decided to head off for a family dog walk through the fields of Penshurst and then spend the afternoon in the Lavender fields. However, Brodie had different ideas and had the biggest temper tantrum about 20 minutes in. He didn't want to be in his carrier, he didn't want to walk he just wanted to be in my arms. We then noticed the biggest black cloud heading our way so decided to head home. Luckily we got home just in time. The heavens opened and our plans of heading out to the Lavender fields soon got cancelled.

Saturday evening turned out to be beautiful! We couldn't resist going out for an evening stroll, through more beautiful fields before stopping off at our local pub for a cheeky glass of wine! There is nothing better than ending the day watching the sun go down with my two favourites!

On Sunday Adam cancelled his PT clients and we decided to have a much needed lazy morning in bed! I cannot remember the last time we stayed in bed past was lovely. Brodie was super cuddly and just seemed to love having the both of us together. We then started our morning with a fried breakfast before leaving to find the Lavender fields.

We went to Mayfield Lavender fields and was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful, laid back and fun it was. You pay an entry fee of £1 and then get to roam in the fields of Lavender freely.

Always time for Mumma Cuddles!

Has the play fighting really begun all ready?

It was so pretty and Brodie loved running up and down the walkways in between the Lavender. Unfortunately my camera decided to die so most our photos ended up being taken on my phone but I'm surprised at how well they came out!

Our attempt at a family photo with an iPhone timer!

We finished the morning with Lavender ice cream and then went home to play in the garden and enjoy a family BBQ.

Today we woke up to sunshine again and just knew we needed to make the most of it. We decided to go strawberry picking at our local farm, Downingbury, somewhere we always used to go before starting our family!

Brodie absolutely loved the strawberries. He soon realised what we were doing and begun picking the strawberries and eating them! His face was stained with strawberry juice and I just loved how happy he was, out in the sunshine!

Uh Oh...who ate all the strawberries

 When you have a family, weekend and time together suddenly means so much more. Some days Adam only see's Brodie for half an hour in the morning as by the time he gets home Brodie is fast asleep. For us, weekends are a really important time to get out and make new family memories together. Sharing our time with others at the weekend is my biggest bug bare! I hate being invited to events at the weekends are to be spent with my two boys. The two people who make me the happiest girl alive!

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