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Monday, 11 July 2016

Our Wedding Photographer

Choosing a photographer for your wedding can be really stressful especially if you are like me and just love photos! Everyone has different tastes and photographers all take and edit photos In different ways.

However, when I stumbled across D.B Photography Sussex on Instagram I just loved all his work and needed to book in a meeting.

Darren met us and we discussed his photography package. He seemed so relaxed, easy going, flexible and we all got on so well. It was a really useful meeting as he explained the usual day to day running of a wedding and had previously shot weddings at Swallows Oast before, so he knew the venue really well.

It was in fact Darren who gave us the confidence to be different and have the wedding we wanted. Adam always spoke about wearing the bow tie and braces as we both loved the look and our photographer encouraged us to be different and do what we wanted. So we did and I absolutely love the Groomsmen's attire!

Included in the wedding package was an engagement shoot. I absolutely loved this idea as it meant we would get to know Darren before our wedding and it's a really useful way of feeling comfortable and less nervous when you have your photos taken on your actual wedding day. He sent us a disk of 90 images and we had to choose 50 which he printed into an album.

The one thing I love about Darren's photography is how happy and light all the photos are edited. Wedding's are supposed to be a happy, fun and loving time so I don't understand why other photographers edit all the photos to make them dark and gloomy! Personally that look isn't for me. Especially on a beautiful sunny day!

Our videographers also gave us some really interesting advice! He said always avoid photographers who edit everything in black and white! It means they don't know what they are doing and their lighting is rubbish! A useful hint for those looking to book a photographer!

I also love the different moments that were captured. For weddings Darren has an assistant who is also there taking photos! This meant we have loads of photos from different angles. For example, me arriving in my car and walking up the aisle and then Adam and the guests reactions from the other side.

I really, really would reccomend two photographers. If you get ready at two different locations like myself and Adam, it also means you can both have a photographer with you whilst you get ready. Darren was with me right until the moment I left the house & Steph was at the venue taking shots of the boys and our guests arriving! It worked really well!

When we discussed our wedding before the big day I specifically told Darren we just wanted lots of photos of us together and hardly any group photos! This may seem really selfish but at the end of the day it's our wedding and I want to look back at pictures of myself & Adam not our guests. I know it's quite common for people to have a lot of group shots but seriously... How boring?! Not only for you but for your guests!

So that is what we got. loads of really lovely shots of Adam and myself together! I love every single one of them and have had so many private messages from people asking who took the photos as they are just so lovely!

My only advice when looking to book a wedding photographer is to choose the style of photos you love and then find someone that you really get on with. The last thing you want is a grumpy boring photographer ruining your big day!

We also had our wedding video'd and I promise I will share our wedding video as soon as we have it back! It takes 4-6 months to edit and put together into a story! I am so excited to see it!

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