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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Adams Speech

I can't believe we have been married two months all ready. It has flown by but means we are another month closer to receiving back our wedding video...I am so excited!

I couldn't not share Adams speech! I was so blown away by it all especially when he mentioned Brodie. I love that even though it was not traditional in any way he decided to do what he wanted and that included the most beautiful paragraph about our son. It completely threw me as I just wasn't expecting it at all!

'One quick mention I would like to make would be to my best friend and son Brodie. I know its probably not traditional and he wont understand what I'm saying but if he ever gets bored enough to watch our wedding video, hopefully he will get to hear how much he means to me. Brodie really is my shining star. I have never felt love like it until I first held him in the hospital. Everyday he provides me with the most immense happiness and for that I will be eternally grateful. I cannot wait to teach you all you need to learn in life and to watch you grow into a man. I will love you forever and I make you a promise that whatever or whenever I will be there for you.'

 Adam has never been good at writing down how he feels. If you ask him why he loves me you can guarantee he will just say 'because your amazing'. I know its a typical man for you but It made his speech mean so much more.

He genuinely put so much thought into writing such a beautiful speech and I feel so lucky to have it all saved, to treasure for ever. I cannot wait to receive our wedding film and to watch it back in person! 

'On behalf of my wife and I thank you all for joining us today to celebrate our marriage!
It’s a privilege to be in the company of so many people that are important in our lives and we’re delighted to welcome you here to share our special day with us.
It’s great to see you all and I can honestly say it would not have been the same without you.
For my new father in law it would have been a lot cheaper, but that''s beside the point.

If you could all make sure your glasses are topped up as there will be lots of toasts to all the amazing people i am about to mention. '

He then went on to thank both our parents, the bridesmaids and the groomsmen but I really won't bore you with that! I'll go straight to the best bit....ME!

'Well I suppose now I better mention the star of the show, My Wife, who I'm sure you would all agree looks absolutely stunning today. We've had 2 years to plan this wedding and up to 2 weeks ago I was still telling Sarah to stop stressing we have ages. Luckily she never listens to me anyway so here we are today.  She has put her heart and soul into planning and sorting this day to make it as fun and enjoyable for everyone and really has done the most incredible job,   Please Raise a Glass for her hard work! Thank you!! 

Sarah and I first met when we were 16, A very glamorous first meeting may I add on the Arriva bus 402 to Tunbridge Wells. My Grandma always told me how good the arriva bus service was, but never did I think it was capable of finding me a wife. Maybe i didn't appreciate her wisdom when i was younger.

But Seriously how lucky can you be be to find your soulmate, your best friend, your wife at such a young age, an age where you can spend years having fun, getting to know each other, going on holidays which you all know Sarah is a big fan of. Sarah is the most supportive, loving and caring person I have ever met. Always willing to go out of her way to help not for her own sake but to make others happy. 

 Not only being an amazing wife but providing the most incredible up bringing for our gorgeous son Brodie who everyone will know is constantly smiling and laughing due to Sarah’s infectious nature, he really is the luckiest boy alive to have you as a mum.

It hasn't always been easy with Sarah, Getting used to her general knowledge has been a tough ask. Once asking me if Brazil was in Spain, We also recently had an interesting conversation in which she asked me which of the Royal Princes Harry or William was singer as she's just seen on a news flash Prince has passed away. God Help me. Last but not least Sarah's co piloting in the car. We often go for a drive and Sarah directs me to a destination, She says take the next left… so I do. Sarah looks at me puzzled and asks what did you do that for? My reply do what? she said turn that way….I said turn Left. This is the day we realised Sarah still doesn't know her left and rights and to this day we haven't managed to quite fix that one yet. At least it keeps me on my toes. 

But before I hand over, I just want to say, I cannot wait to spend  the rest of my life creating amazing memories with you and our growing family, you will always be my one and only, my rock and for along as you will put up with me not putting my socks in the washing bin, I will always be right next to you supporting you, loving you and most of all having fun with you! So heres to a life time of Love, Laughter and Happily ever after.  


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