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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Our Wedding; 14th May 2016

Our wedding was everything we could have wished for and more. I still can't believe I am writing this as Mrs Carrick..finally after 6 years, married to my best friend! It was such a beautiful day spent with all our family and friends. It really made us realise just how lucky we are to have the people we do in our lives.

On the Friday afternoon, Adam left with all his groomsmen and close friends to have a golf afternoon and then he stayed at Dale Hill Hotel close to our venue. It was so weird saying goodbye to him knowing that the next time I saw him it would be at the end of the aisle. I felt really emotional saying goodbye but also excited for my bridesmaid to arrive.

She arrived with about four suitcases! She was only staying the one night but she had to bring everything! We got ready and then went to our local pub for some dinner and drinks. It was such a lovely evening, everyone was really excited for us, the manager gave us a free bottle of Prosecco and Brodie was a star asleep in his pram the whole time. But I felt apart of me was missing. Adam is always with me on a usual Friday night at the pub so it just didn't feel right. Thats when the nerves kicked in.

On the morning of the wedding I woke up to the most lovely text from Adam. I could tell instantly he was really nervous. It took me a while to realise that today was the day I got married. I woke up in my usual bed, had Brodie to sort and to feed where as I guess for Adam he was somewhere different! I gave my bridesmaid her presents and we sat in bed, in our Pj's joking about how crazy it was that I was getting married!

My other bridesmaid then arrived followed by our hair stylist and make up artist. We popped open a bottle of Prosecco and got ready for the wedding dressed in our bridal dressing gowns. At 10am the doorbell rang,  to my surprise there was a man holding a bunch of flowers. I honesty didn't think they would be for me until I opened the card which read 'See you at 3pm' I instantly got all teary.

When our photographer arrived he brought me a present. It was an album full of our engagement photos which we had taken last August! I got all emotional as there were photos inside of Brodie who was only 8 weeks old at the time! I then opened my presents from Adam and was blown away by how thougtful and spoilt I had been!

Whilst Adam was getting ready he also had a photographer and a videographer with him capturing some moments. I can't wait to watch it back on video and see what he was getting up too! I made him a personalised book about our story together, with lots of old pictures and memories. We both got each other personalised jewellery with the same writing! Such a coincidence but from the start of our relationship we have always, always said 'Forever and Always' so thats what we both got personalised on our jewellery!

Nerves didn't really hit me until I put my dress on and suddenly it all felt real. I was so shaky I couldn't get my necklace on, neither could my bridesmaid (fake nail problems) so our lovely photographer had to put them on for us!  I then had to get Brodie dressed and ready. I had to wake him from his nap and he seemed so confused by all these strange people in his house!

Luckily my parents then arrived to help with Brodie whilst we finished getting ready. My Dad wanted to stay outside and wait for me to appear in my dress. It was so lovely to see his reaction. He looked blown away and all he could so was 'oh blimey'!

We then had a few photos together on our front patio before heading off to the venue! This part of the day all seemed really rushed as we were having so much fun drinking prosecco, we didn't realise the time and how little time we had left to get ready to leave!

My car and driver arrived early and was ready sat outside my house, speaking to the neighbours whilst he waited for me! I only just about fitted in with my huge dress and train but it was so lovely driving through the village with the roof down. So many people were waving and shouting good luck. It was always my dream to arrive in an open roof car! One of my favourite moments of the day is when my Dad just wrapped his arm around me as we were approaching the venue as he just knew I was feeling nervous! I definitely needed his reassurance.

When we arrived I was in panic mode. Luckily the venue organiser is used to flapping brides and was brilliant! I could hear the harpist playing and everyone chatting yet couldnt see anyone. All I wanted was to be reunited with Adam. I knew that as soon as I was by his side I would be fine.  Brodie was looking adorable in his little outfit with his sign and I just couldn't wait for Adam to see him! I knew it would be a special moment!

The car drove me round to the front of the aisle and my mum and Brodie walked down together, followed by my bridesmaids and then my dad walked me down the aisle. Adam started crying as soon as he saw me come round the corner and heard the harpist playing our song. He was an emotional mess which of course made me the same. I really didn't expect to see Adam cry as much as he did!

As soon as I got the end of the aisle Adam said 'you look absolutely stunning'! Was such a special moment. I had my dad formally give me away which is when the registra took my hand from my dad and placed it into Adams. I knew how much that would mean to my dad and of course he made a joke how Im his problem now! We decided to say our own vows which I absolutely loved! I just about made it to the end of mine without crying but Adam was crying...again! haha!

 I absolutely love the photos our photographers managed to capture at these moments and loved the fact we had two photographers so we have so many photos from different angles!

During the ceremony we had a reading which was read by Adams Usher and our close friend. I found it so hard to find a reading I liked but when I stumbled across this one, I just loved it! Im going to get it printed and framed in our house!

'Now you will feel no rain, for each of you will be shelter for the other.
Now you will feel no cold, for you will be warmth to the other.
Now there will be no loneliness, for each of you will be companion to the other.  
Now you are two persons, but there are three lives before you; his life, her life and your life together.  

Go now to your dwelling place, to enter into the days of your life together.  
May beauty surround you both in the journey ahead and through all the years.  
May happiness be your companion to the place where the river meets the sun.  
And may your days together be good and long upon this earth.'

After the ceremony we signed the register and Brodie came to join us. It was that moment that Brodie begun eating Adams rose. We both tried so hard not to make it obvious and then he bit the biggest rose petal off and started spitting it out his mouth. Luckily our guests just laughed! We then walked back down the confetti aisle together as a family which I loved. It was such an exciting time!

Whilst signing the register I became completely overwhelmed. A surge of emotions suddenly hit me and its so hard to explain unless you have been there and done it. Adam could obviously tell as after the ceremony he took me to one side and we had some time together.

This is something I really, really would recommend. I was just so blown away by it all, happy emotions of course but it all felt like such a dream. It was so lovely to be able to spend sometime with Adam were he joked about me being his wife and held me in his arms for a while...exactly what I needed.

Whilst we disappeared with out photographers and videographers for some photos, our guests were served drinks and Canap├ęs. We the came back to join them where we were able to mingle and spend time with our friends, enjoy the Photo Booth and have a much needed drink!

It was then time for everyone to sit down for the speeches. We decided to have speeches before the food so that everyone could enjoy their meal without feeling nervous. My favourite speech was of course Adams. I was really blown away by some of the things he said. Of course he included some funny stories but thats part of the fun. The bit that got me the most was when he mentioned Brodie. He dedicated a whole section to our son and luckily for me, he has his speech saved on the laptop so I am able to read it again and again. This is what he said about Brodie; (que the tears).

'One quick mention I would like to make would be my best friend and son Brodie. I know its probably not traditional and he wont understand what I'm saying but if he ever gets bored enough to watch our wedding video, hopefully he will get to hear how much he means to me. Brodie really is my shining star. I have never felt love like it until i first held him in this hospital. Everyday he provides me with the most immense happiness and for that I will be eternally grateful. I cannot wait to teach you all you need to learn in life and to watch you grow into a man. I will love you forever and promise that whatever or whenever I will be there for you.'

After the speeches it was time to eat the food. We didn't want a formal three course meal so instead had a BBQ and buffet. Each table got called up one by one and everyone was able to choose what they wanted to eat. I think this worked really well and the food was amazing!

After the food the DJ needed to get into the Oast to set up so our guests mingled in the bar, marquee or on the outside patio. Myself and Adam disappeared with out videographers and photographers for some more photos as the sun was just setting. I absolutely love how the photos came out and its also nice to disappear from the busy wedding vibe and spend some time together.

When we got back we greeted our evening guests and cut the cake. I loved our cake and felt so sad to cut it up! When the DJ was ready we then moved back into the Oast to have our first dance. We danced to Sam Smith How will I Know and it was such a special moment!

After our first dance the party well and truely started and I rarely left the dance floor from that moment on. The drinks were flowing out the bar, our guests were partying and we had the best night with all our friends and family!

We woke up the next day the happiest couple in the world! We couldn't have had a better day! Now a month later it still doesn't feel real that I am Mrs Carrick! Someone asked me if married life felt different. The honest answer? No. When you've been together 6 years, got your own house, a child together, getting married is just the last thing to do. The only difference is I now have to wait a year before I can divorce him! ;)

Thank you to all those who helped make our day so special! x

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