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Monday, 6 June 2016

Our Honeymoon - Mauritius 2016

We have recently returned from our honeymoon in Mauritius. We flew off two days after getting married and it was incredible! It was a last minute booking after Thomson cancelled our original honeymoon to the Caribbean but I think it turned out for the best!

Mauritius is a small island in the Indian Ocean just off the coast of Africa. Before going, I didn't really know anything about the country, yes I had seen pictures, but pictures really don't do the island any justice. It is absolutely beautiful, the people are amazing and the sea is the purest blue.

We flew with British Airways on an overnight flight. The staff during both our flights were extremely helpful and friendly and we never once felt like we were a nuisance for flying long haul with such a small child.

I was really nervous about a 12 hour flight with our 11 month old son but he was so well behaved, and slept for 9 hours each way. He fell to sleep having his bedtime bottle during take off and then was given a special baby chair to sleep in which was just perfect. These chairs have to be requested when booking the flight and although they are worth it the only down side to the chairs are, if the seat belt sign is put on you have to remove the baby from the chair which potentially can wake them up. However this only happened once on our flight.

We stayed in the Shandrani Hotel which is South of the Island. It was a beautiful hotel and extremely child friendly which is brilliant when your staying with a baby.  The hotel provided a cot, cot bedding and a steriliser so we didn't have to worry about squeezing one into a suitcase. We stayed all inclusive and baby pureed meals could be provided on special request but we always found food for Brodie to eat with us and we just cut it up small enabling him to feed himself.

However, with a mixture of the heat and the fact he was cutting four new teeth he had a few days where he just didn't want to eat.  Not even fruit and he is a fruit monster but we managed to keep him well hydrated with extra bottles of milk.

The hotel was situated in a small cove and had 4 different beaches. Three of the beaches were within the cove so were really shallow, warm, clear blue and perfect for Brodie to swim. However one beach was on the edge and we nicknamed it the 'wild beach' as the waves were huge and it was such a stunning, natural beach. The sand was pure white and the sea a clear blue! We loved spending time on this beach whilst Brodie napped!

Our hotel room was lovely! It was huge and we had a super king bed, a huge bathroom and two seating areas with a TV. We also had a mini fridge included in our all inclusive package which was re-filled daily. We had a ground floor room due to having Brodie which turned out to be perfect. Our patio led straight out onto the beach area which had sunbeds and palm trees. We spent everyday chilling in this space as we were always the only ones there, it was incredibly quiet, close to the bar, had shade for Brodie and a small beach area where we could take him swimming. Not only that but it also had the most stunning views!

We stayed at the hotel for 10 days. We felt 7 would be too short and 14 could be too long and to be honest 10 days was just perfect. There was a three hour time difference which luckily didn't have much effect on Brodie at all. He managed to adapt pretty quickly and seemed to keep within his normal routine. He would always be asleep in his pram by 7:30pm which gave us the whole evening to enjoy time together at the hotel bar. He would then wake between 7:30am-8:00am which again is a lie in for us!

We spent most of our 10 days being completely lazy! We would move from beach to beach, or to the pools and sunbathed whilst Brodie slept, or played with him on the beach &  in the sea whilst he was awake. As it was winter in Mauritius the sun always set really early and by 6pm it would be pitch black. This meant we were quite often dressed and ready for dinner early which worked well when we had a baby to feed.

The hotel had four different restaurants, one we were unable to access because it was adult only and therefore not suitable us with Brodie. They also provided a snack bar between lunch and dinner which did the most amazing food and always made Brodie sandwiches if he missed lunch! The staff were amazing, taking your drink orders almost as soon as you sat down and always really attentive. The cocktails and unlimited glasses of champagne were definitely my favourite!

The only downside to our holiday was Adam becoming really, really ill. He spent the majority of the last three days in bed and I probably spent more time speaking to the hotel nurse and doctor than I did to him. We still don't know whether it was food poisoning or if he caught a nasty bug but we nearly didn't make it home as he was very, very nearly admitted to hospital. Lucky for holiday insurance as doctor bills aren't pretty!

However, myself & Brodes were still able to have fun and enjoy the sunshine. Although we missed Adam incredibly and it was horrible without him, we had met another honeymoon couple who had a toddler and they adopted me! They were so, so lovely and looked after me & Brodes, kept us company and stopped me from spending everyday crying due to frustration and fear! Its really not nice seeing your husband so poorly and being in a strange country unable to do anything to help them!

Apart from that we had the most magical time and I really cannot imagine having a wedding without a honeymoon! It must be such an anti-climax. Being far away from people you know, having quality time together and quality time as a family is just perfect. (I'm so anti-social)

To the people who told us it was a mistake taking Brodie with us, I can hands on my heart tell you it wasn't. He made our honeymoon, having him with us and seeing him giggle as the waves washed over his feet, crawl along the beaches and explore a whole new world was incredible. He was so well behaved, slept when he needed too and was adored by all the hotel staff and locals.

I really do feel utterly blessed to have such a lovely husband and beautiful son!

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