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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Mr & Mrs Carrick to be....

In two days I will be marrying my best friend, soulmate and the other half of me. I still cannot believe how lucky I am to have met my childhood sweetheart at the age of 16 and build our lives together.

I first met Adam on his 16th Birthday on the bus travelling home from school. We were introduced by a mutual best friend, who is Best man at our wedding. If I'm honest, my first impressions weren't that great! His current girlfriend at the time practically barged me out the way to give him a kiss. However (it sounds so cliche) I just knew that the guy was going to be apart of my life... I just had that feeling.

On the 14th May 2010 we had our first date. We were 16 so our first date consisted of a dog walk, ice creams and sitting in the local field watching the sun go down. It was pretty romantic, holding hands whilst walking, chasing each other through the fields. SIX years later, to the exact date we will be getting married! What a crazy six years it has been!

I will never forget the moment Adam asked me to be his girlfriend. His exact words were 'I've got a lot of time for you'! A classic Adam Carrick saying! In the months running up to our relationship we spent every evening speaking on MSN.... (How old!) Our relationship went from a few 'xxx' to 'ly' to 'ilu' and thinking about it now has us in hysterics!

Our relationship has not always been plain sailing. Six months into our relationship I was diagnosed with depression and suffered with anxiety. A normal 16 year old boy would probably run away as fast as possible and never look back. However, Adam didn't and is the reason I am who I am today. He has helped me get over my biggest fears and still now understands exactly what will trigger my anxiety and what he can do to help support me. He really is one in a million!

We have become two inseparable human beings filled with so much love. We have barely spent anytime apart since August 2010. The only nights we have spent apart is our hen/stag do's! People often wonder how we manage to spend so much time together but I really wouldn't want it any other way!

We got engaged in Paris which is my absolute favourite place. I don't think I will ever get over the shock of Adam getting down on one knee. It really was the best but biggest surprise of all my life. He proposed on the lovers bridge using a padlock which read ' Will you marry me Sarah?' I was completely blown away !

I guess our relationship is so solid because he's not just the man I'm marrying but my best friend. The other half of me but best of all daddy to our son! Looking back on our relationship always amazes me and looking at where we are now is incredible. I really wouldn't change anything about the last six years we have shared together.

People are always telling me how lucky I am to have met someone like Adam.. they always say you can see how much he adores me and how perfectly suited we are together. I don't want to boast but I have to agree! We really share something special, something I have never seen anyone else share and finally after all these years I can see what people mean when they tell me how unique our love is!

Not many people our age have a house, a mortgage, a baby and then get married at the age of 22. I guess we just chose to live our lives differently and I really do not regret the life choices we have made together so far.  Some people say were too young for marriage but six years later I still get butterflies and goosebumps when Im around him, still fall more in love with him and get excited when we speak about all our next adventures...How can I not be ready for marriage!

The love I am filled with everyday whilst seeing Adam become the best daddy to our son is indescribable. It takes something like having a child to make you realise just how much you love a person & seeing Adam the day I gave birth to Brodie is the best feeling and moment I have ever experienced. You won't know what love is until you experience a moment like that...

I cannot wait to walk down the aisle and marry the man Im going to spend the rest of my life with. I am just so excited to gain the same surname as my two boys and for all the new adventures we will share together! Too soon for baby number 2? ;)

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