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Saturday, 9 April 2016

Kitchen renovations

We have just completed another major house renovation and I thought it would be a good idea to write a blog on everything we have achieved, (I say we, I should say Adam) over the last two weeks.

The kitchen was the last major thing that needed doing in our house. We have completely transformed each room and garden. I will be writing a blog post on all our renovations next week, but the kitchen has been the biggest improvement yet.

Our old kitchen was green, dark and pretty gloomy. Although the units themselves weren't in that bad condition, the kitchen just did not fit in with my white, neutral house! I used to hate spending time in the kitchen as the rest of our house is so light.

I have been pinteresting my dream kitchen since before we even moved into number 25. When we brought all our kitchen accessories, I brought them for the kitchen I had dreamed about. With me now being at home a lot, we decided that it would transform the house so to bite the bullet and go for it.

With Adam owning a building and maintenance company, we are lucky that he has trade accounts in many stores. This means we were able to buy a new kitchen with trade prices, saving us huge amounts of money. The kitchen we choose is from Magnets and is called 'Eton Cream'. With Adams trade account we managed a huge saving of £4000!  Another advantage is Adam and his team of builders were able to fit the kitchen, and lay the new patio themselves. Of course we paid them, but again they gave us a very good price!

Before the kitchen work started, I did not realise how much work was involved in just a simple kitchen renovation. So many pipes had to be moved and dug under ground, gas pipes had to be re-posistioned and all the electrics needed doing. This caused us some problems and delayed us for a few days as we did not realise how bad the pipe work was until we ripped out the old units.

With the kitchen being so dark, we decided to knock our window out and replace it with new patio doors. With this happening I obviously needed a new patio. Project front garden is happening this summer so having the patio re-done was a must! Again with Adam having a trades account at Jewsons, we were able to get all the patio materials for £500... Bargain! Unfortunately with the April showers the patio is not yet complete but you can see how gorgeous it will be when its finally finished.

At the top of the garden we had a huge, 30ft tree which all our neighbours moaned about but also blocked a lot of light into our kitchen. We managed to find a tree surgeon who was happy to remove the whole tree for £300. Unfortunately this guy was a nightmare and Im not sure how he didn't kill himself. He wasn't the safest tree surgeon at all, he was up the tree with no helmet literally, chainsawing the branches and letting them fall! However with the tree gone, we now get the morning sunshine, shining through our new patio doors.

Instead of tiling everywhere like the old kitchen, we decided to just tile by the sink. I felt that by adding tiles around the gas hob, we would start making the kitchen dark again.  I chose Laura Ashley 'french grey' tiles which are absolutely beautiful. We then painted the rest of the kitchen in 'timeless' which is almost white.

So here it is! Our finally finished, painted, new, beautiful kitchen! We are both so over the moon. It looks better than we first ever imagined. I have added a few small accessories but we are yet to put up our new picture collage, which I will fill with our wedding photos after our wedding in May! Its amazing what can be achieved in such a small space of time and I cannot thank Adam and his team at Precision Building and Landscaping services for working so hard and doing such a great job!

I am so excited for summer evenings, with the patio doors wide open whilst we enjoy lots of BBQ's with our friends and family. Look out for my next blog post on all our house renovations!


  1. The new kitchen looks so light and airy. I can imagine you having fun entertaining friends and family. I hope that you remembered to save a sample of the paint. That way, you will have it for touch ups. Also, have you thought about installing a screenless entryway to make getting from the kitchen to the patio so much simpler?

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