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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Our year 2015

I have been wanting to write this post for a while but the start of this year has been crazily busy with wedding planning, so here it is, a month late but our year 2015. It was an extremely special, exciting and happy year and I'm so excited to look back at all our memories.


January was a really exciting month for us. Despite the fact I was still being extremely sick, 3 times a day and ended up being admitted to hospital with extreme sickness and dehydration, we made it to 20 weeks and found out the sex of our baby! Adam really wanted it to be a boy, me on the other hand just wanted a happy, healthy baby. I remember feeling so nervous, not because we were finding out the sex of our baby but because at 20 weeks they check to see whether the baby is forming correctly and if there were any problems. After about half an hour, baby finally got into the correct position and we were told we were having a boy. Adam was over the moon! For the first few days we kept it our little secret, we wanted to have a baby sex announcement party and had a cake made with the colour of the sex inside. We were so so excited and cut the cake surrounded by all our family friends who were equally as excited for us!


For valentines Adam booked for us to go to Paris for 3 days with a trip to Disney Land. I am obsessed with Paris. After Adam proposed to me on the lovers bridge in 2013 the city stole my heart! We have been three times before but for some reason this time seemed a lot more special. Probably because we knew it would be the last time we would get away as the two of us before our baby arrived! Unfortunately the pregnancy sickness didn't stay away but we were so used to it by this point, however finding anything I could eat without feeling sick was very tricky!


March wasn't a very exciting month however it was only 100 days until my due date, baby was growing and his kicks were becoming stronger. We absolutely loved lying together feeling him wiggle away. We spent a lot of this month organising the nursery. We had to change it from a study into the perfect room for a baby, walls needed painting, new carpet and then all the furniture needed to be brought and build. We went for the typical 'baby blue' theme however he's never really been a baby blue kind of boy so shortly going to have to think about changing it!


So you know the pregnancy 'bloom' they always talk about when your pregnant. I feel like I experienced this in April. It lasted about a week and then I was back to reality, constantly tired and completing uni assignments. I had three weeks off work for the easter holidays, It was absolutely amazing! I dedicated a whole week to uni work, and spent all day sat on the sofa writing assignment after assignment. The second week Adam took time off work and we spent a lot of time together having days out. We went to the zoo, to the beach had lunch dates out and just made the most of our time together. I really really enjoyed these last few baby free days together and loved the fact I could be lazy at home, sleep when I wanted. I also got my new shiny car. Unfortunately I had to get rid of my beautiful Fiat 500, as there was no way I would be able to fit a pram and a car seat into the back! So my mum car arrived!


May was an exciting month. It marked mine and Adams 5 years together, a year until we got married and my last month before coming a Mummy. I finished work for Maternity leave after a really emotional farewell party held by all my work friends and the nursery parents. I felt really emotional about leaving as I absolutely loved my job but at the same time I was so exhausted! I worked up until 36 weeks, whilst still completing uni work and going to uni one day a week. When maternity leave finally came round and I could enjoy lazy mornings in bed I was so happy!


June is obviously the best month of the year. The arrival of our baby Brodie. Before he arrived I was at home, on the sofa and in bed feeling really uncomfortable and counting the days until his due date. I finished uni a week before my waters broke and it was such a relief handing in my last piece of work! Adam was working long days and as much as possible. Being self employed he wouldn't get any paternity pay and was therefore important he made as much money and completed as many jobs as possible before babies arrival. I spent most of my days, sleeping, walking the dog, cleaning the house and constantly re arranging and folding clothes ready for bubba's arrival.

He arrived on the 15th June and it was the best days of our lives! You walk into hospital pregnant and leave holding a baby. We had to spend 6 days in hospital as I had emergency C-section and Brodie got Jaundice which needed to be treated. So his first few days were spent cuddling and soaking it all in as much as possible. The rest of that month was such a blur as we did our best to adjust to our new lives as parents!


July is the month I cannot really remember. We were both so in love with each other and our beautiful baby we were just in our own little bubble, soaking it all up and making the most of each moment together. I remember Brodie becoming really clingy at 4 weeks. He has never been a baby to cry and still now rarely cries, but he would scream if he wasn't on me. He just wanted to be in my arms all the time,  even at night which was completely exhausting. He was feeding every 2-3 hours, even during the night so we co-slept and enjoyed our morning snuggles in bed as the 3 of us.


Adam had a lot of time off in August as it was the school holidays and we had our first family holiday to Devon. It was so nice having our first time away as a family! We went on long walks, watched the sunsets (and the sunrises) took Brodie swimming for the first time and really made the most of being together as a three. The weather was how you wanted it to be for August, Sunny most days with the most beautiful sun sets. Brodie was becoming easier, he was sleeping more and was becoming so cheeky with his contagious smiles.


September saw some more beautiful weather which meant more family days out. We spent a lot of our weekends together going on walks with Brodie in his carrier. Its amazing to just get out and about  exploring the world but at the same time getting valuable time together! From the week Brodie was born we were out in pubs enjoying food and wine! I don't feel like taking him to pubs effects him in any way but allows him to get used to being in social situations surrounded by strangers and different noises. We absolutely loved going to different pubs, showing off our babie and enjoying a few drinks in the sunshine! Your life doesn't stop when you have a baby, it just changes! I also choose my wedding dress this month! It was such a perfect day and can honestly say my dress is Stunning! Its from the UKs best bridal shop so its obviously something special!


In October we went on our second family holiday to Center Parcs! It was soon much fun and a much needed break away! We spent the whole time, walking together, swimming, eating out and forgetting that the world really existed. Center Parcs is the perfect place for family holidays and nothing beats seeing your son and their daddy enjoying quality time together! Brodie seemed to suddenly really grow up in October. I remember swimming at Center Parcs, seeing this tiny new born baby, looking at my own baby and thinking wow,  he's not so tiny anymore. He was an extremely happy baby who smiled at everything but refused to sleep during the day! It was actually this month he begun having his first solid foods and begun sleeping through the night, 7-7...Amazing!


November wasn't another exciting month. Our best friend surprised us with a visit home from Africa, so we spent time with him and spent weekends preparing for Christmas or enjoying winter walks! We brought a new baby carrier, the Ergo 360 which I am obsessed with! Its the best baby carrier so we spent a lot of time exploring places we couldn't with a pram. Brodie became more beautiful and more cheeky and I still treasured every moment possible with him! 


December was obviously a very exciting month as it was Brodie's first Christmas and our first Christmas as a family! We decorated our house from top to bottom, took Brodie to see Father Christmas for the first time, spent lots of time with family and just enjoyed spending time together at such a magical time of year. We spent our first Christmas at home and cooked our first ever Christmas dinner. Although it was our 6th Christmas together we had never cooked dinner for ourselves, we usually went out so therefore loved the challenge it brought and it made it feel so Christmassy being at home, opening presents with our baby and drinking Prosecco! Brodie also turned 6 months this month which I found really emotional. 6 months seems so old, with that and the year coming to the end I was feeling really sad! My little baby was not so teeney tiny anymore! For New Years we went away to Center Parcs again for 5 nights. It was honestly the most amazing way to finish such a special year. It was just the three of us surrounded by strangers in our own little bubble enjoying life together! 

So thats our year..... our special 2015! Although I welcomed 2016 a little reluctantly, not wanting to believe that my baby boy would turn one this year. I am excited to gain a new surname and finally marry my true love in May. It will be another exciting year!