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Monday, 30 November 2015

Brodies (nearly) 6 month Update!

Oh Brodie where have the last six months gone. I cannot believe in two weeks time we will be celebrating your half a year birthday! I know its cliche but the last six months really have been the happiest six months of my life.

You are such a happy little bubba (the majority of the time) and everyone notices how laid back and content you are. Well I suppose you would be with such a chilled out daddy! It doesn't take much to get the contagious little smile across your face and it makes me so happy that you wake up with the biggest smile and always give me the biggest smile when I kiss you night in the evening.

Being your mummy is the most rewarding job in the world. Somedays are harder than others, especially when your a little pickle but the truth is Brodes, I'm new to this too! I will always do my best to be the best mummy to you but bare with me, I can't get everything right everyday!

Your weaning journey is going really well. You absolutely love all your fruit and vegetables and I cannot wait for you to start enjoying new foods and tastes! It makes me super proud that your not fussy like your Mumma! Your favourite foods are swede, Banana, mango, and butternut squash! Im pretty sure you would eat banana all day if Mumma let you!

You have being sleeping through the night for about 8 weeks now! Sometimes you wake up but your such a good boy and always manage to fall back to sleep. You moved into your own room and your big boys cot and I miss you not being next to me. (I cried every night for over a week) I miss our 4am snuggles and our co-sleeping but I'm so proud of you! We still enjoy our day time snoozes together in the big bed, all snuggled up! Your still not very good at going to sleep during the day though. I have never known a baby stay awake in an hours pram walk, or in a long car drive but you do! Its lucky Mumma is here to sing you off to sleep as that seems to be the only way you will fall to sleep! Your favourite song is still 'you are my sunshine' & 6 months later I still have my random moments of crying whilst singing it to you! I just love you so much!

You absolutely love your swimming lessons and next term move up into the next class, 'splashers' which you are going to be amazing at! You are such a splasher, constantly soaking Mumma and all the other babies with your crazy kicks and splashing hands! You are super clever and can now swim under water all by yourself and for the first time last week, we swam under water together!

You have recently decided that you hate lying down. You have always hated tummy time so you hate it when you roll over and get stuck! Your a little gymnast at the moment shuffling yourself up and down the mat and rolling all over the place. I really hope its not long before you crawl because you hate being stuck in one place! Your new favourite thing to do is stand, you seem to think learning to stand is more fun than learning to sit ! Such a monkey!

You still go crazy in your Jumperoo! Its so funny to watch! You think your such a dare devil jumping without holding on! I think being in the jumperoo is where your love for standing has come from! We had to pack away your baby swing this week as you cannot stand it anymore! You used to love it so much and its so sad that you have all ready outgrown it!

Last week your third tooth cut through and I think I can see the 4th! Your so good and have barely fussed at all! Everything goes in your mouth though so they are obviously bothering you!

Our weekends together with Daddy are the best! You are so besotted with your daddy! Your two peas in a pod and you love having him around! You go so crazy with excitement when daddy walks in from work and love it when he baths you! Our weekends are always spent enjoying our time with you and taking you out to explore the world! You love your new baby carrier so now we can enjoy even more walks together!  

Its crazy how fast the last 6 months have gone but I am excited for all the holidays, weddings, and watching your grow up in the next 6 months!

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