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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Pregnancy Number one - Brodie's Birth story

This is my fourth attempt at writing my birth story. Each time I have attempted before, I can't find the words and end up all emotional. But here it is...the birth story of Brodie Carrick.

Giving birth is the most frightening, exciting and scary experience any woman will ever experience. In your head you have a plan of how you want your birth to go, you spend ages researching and writing it into a beautiful birth plan. However, in reality you can never predict your birth.  I wanted a natural labor in a birthing pool... I got the exact opposite.

My waters broke on the Friday evening, they burst just as I was walking down the hospital corridor. By the time I made it into Triage I looked like I had sat in a swimming pool! It was confirmed by a lovely midwife, my waters had gone and unless I went into natural labour in the next 24 hours I would be booked in for induction on the Sunday.

I did everything you can imagine to get labour started on the Saturday. I walked for miles, bounced on my ball... Nothing! So induction on the Sunday morning it was! Luckily I was given an early appointment and off we went, our last final drive as the two of us, we would not be leaving the hospital without a baby!

The first stage of induction did not work, and after hours of waiting around they decided to send me to the delivery ward to begin on the hormonal drip. I was put on the hormonal drip at 8pm and by 10pm was in established labor contracting every minute and a half. I was determined not to have an epidural, but the contractions were getting stronger so I asked the midwife how many people usually have an epidural when having the hormonal drip. She laughed and said 'i have been a midwife for 25 years and can count on one hand how many people I know NOT to have an epidural' I was so shocked by this so asked her if she thought I should have an epidural, she smiled and said yes. So epidural it was.

By 2am I was 2cm dilated. This really frustrated me, I was beyond exhausted and just wanted to meet my little man...why were things taking so long! However when the midwife checked again at 6am I was fully dilated. I was so so excited! I got told we needed to wait 2 hours before I could begin pushing so I had a little snooze... I needed all the energy in the world to get this baby out!

At 8am the midwife we had all night left and two new midwifes entered the delivery room. I was slightly disappointed as we had spent 12 hours together in a room and now she was leaving and wouldn't get to see Brodie's arrival.

However, the two new midwifes were really really lovely! I begun pushing but after a long hour, no sign of baby and one exhausted Mumma to be, they decided to call in the consultant. The consultant decided to try Ventouse and if no luck forceps! This was my biggest fear, I really did not want an assisted delivery but when your put in that situation you do whatever is possible to have the safe arrival of your baby.

After several attempts of the Ventouse, more doctors and consultants entered the room to try this point I was getting worried. The consultant attempted forceps delivery a couple of times and then said 'get theatre ready, tell them we are on our way' and before I knew it I was whizzed out the room heading straight for theatre.

I was beyond confused, I honestly did not know what was happening, one minute I'm pushing my baby out the next I'm on my way to theatre. We entered the theatre room and almost 20 different midwifes came running out from different directions, I remember looking up at the bright theatre lights and hearing someone say 'get the resuscitation table ready', I completely freaked out...what was happening and how was my baby.  We entered the room at 9:48am and Brodie arrived via Emergency C Section at 9:52am. 4 minutes and he was out! Unfortunately the safety of my baby came first and making sure I was completely pain free wasn't a necessity. That shows just how much of an 'Emergency' his birth really was.

Hearing him cry for the first time was the best moment of my life. Although I did not get to hold him straight away as they checked him over from head to toe, he was screaming the whole time and I knew he was finally here and safe. He was then handed over to Adam and he instantly stopped crying, I looked over at my two boys and we both just cried. Tears of happiness and tears of shock. Brodie had his cord wrapped round his neck FOUR times, so each time I attempted to push him out, his cord held him back. I honestly can not thank the midwifes and consultants enough for ensuring he made it into this world safely. Their quick actions ensured he arrived with only a few marks, one from the Ventouse, one from the forceps and a small cut on his arm from the C Section. My poor baby had it all.

Nothing in the world will ever prepare you for the love you feel when you finally meet the little one you have been growing inside you for 9 months. He is worth every minute of pain and although the birth was traumatic I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.  Its true what they say ' Birth takes a woman's deepest fears about herself and shows her that she is stronger than them'.

Brodie James Basil Carrick
Born 15th June 2015 at 09:52am
Weighing 8lb 5oz

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